Aya Sunga Askert

is a multidisciplinary artist who creates sculptures, assemblages, and ceramic arts. She also conveys her creative expression through poetry and draws inspiration from nature and life experiences. Aya’s art is a juxtaposition of whimsical and poetic elements.

Emelia White Eklund

Emelia is a self-taught artist and a photography enthusiast. Her paintings vary from landscapes to abstract portraits. She loves being with nature and enjoys taking photos of flowers and places.

Grace Svensson Bondesson

considers herself a self-taught artist. She paints with acrylic and oil in bright colors, mostly of women and children, but sometimes of abstract and natural subjects. Her motherhood, being a woman, as well as her frustrations and desires, are frequent subjects of her art. Every piece is influenced by her enthusiasm for its subject. And she paints when she is moved to do so in order to spread love, beauty, and peace of mind.

Helen Svendgaard

is an artist and photographer who works on colorful abstract art. Her time in an art school in Manila introduced her to the world of colors, while Sweden awakened her love for photography. Her works convey a sense of life and happiness.  Most of her abstract paintings are sceneries of places she has seen and reflects motif shifts between impressionism and realism/naturalism.

Joel Bagon

is a fashion designer and a self-taught  photographer based in Stockholm. His photography focuses on a variety of subjects, including nature, architecture, and people. He has an interest in interior design and loves gardening and cooking during his free time.

Ledda P. Wallin

is a self-taught artist. She is a realist who began her art journey with watercolor and oil. Her style is innovative and varied, and travel influenced her art. Her early works were figurative, realistic, and abstract. Her mixed-media art used brilliant colors and varied in size. Leda was able to paint more than 1,000 works and had six solo displays in the Philippines.

Mary Buskas

is a painter who has demonstrated her innate artistic ability since childhood. Mary’s art reflects her interest in the beauty of the Swedish nature and her paintings emanate a sense of joy and serenity. She uses oil and acrylic to create brilliant colors and interesting compositions. She hopes to keep experimenting in the art world. Through education, she hopes to help children uncover their creative potential.

Marga Lacson

is a self-taught artist who has recently rediscovered her passion in the arts.  She has initially started with oil painting more than 10 years ago but mainly as a personal hobby. After joining the Filipino Artists Association in Sweden in 2018, she was motivated and inspired to unleash her creative side once again. Pouring out her soul, feeling the emotion and translating that into a canvas.

Rochelle Rosenberg

is a self-taught artist. She has a wide experience in portrait and fashion photography. She considers expressionism as her primary technique in using different art mediums. She integrates her photos into her art as a way to express herself and her personal experiences. Due to PTSD, art and photography have become her physical and emotional language.

Bella Q. Bardollas

is a Filipina botanical artist based in Uppsala. She carefully selects and dries plants to be arranged in bezels and frames. Her art represents various emotions and thoughts, which are portrayed through various mediums. As part of her efforts to develop more sustainable forms of art, she is upcycling pieces of jewelry using flowers.

Anna-Linda Gabriel

 has a Norwegian/Italian mother and a Filipino father. Half her life has been dedicated to working with glass as an artist, mainly in Sweden where she is permanently settled with her own family. She has a studio at the glass museum The Glass Factory in the kingdom of glass in Sweden and has done numerous national and international exhibitions and projects alongside with public commisions.

Ophelia  Casel Persson

 is a mixed-media artist who began polishing her talents with charcoal over a decade ago. She is able to communicate her feelings through her art. She believes it has no boundaries since it enables her to cultivate and transform mundane things into extraordinary ones.

Molina Bansil Ohlsson

is an autodidact artist who uses watercolor and focuses on nature themes in her artworks. With her strong cultural origin and influence on her crafts; she utilized T'nalak, an ecological fabric made of hemp. She integrates her trinket creations with Helen Svendgaard’s oil paintings, in making her own design for women's jewelry.

Josephine Lareza

Has always had an interest in art and making things with my hands. Even while she was engaged in export sales, marketing, and business development, she always found time to admire and create. Different times, different periods, different hobbies.She began with pottery, then moved on to still-life oil paintings, cross-stitching, and the creation of jewelry with very fine beads, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and other materials.

Liezel Hilarion Masiello's

childhood years were marked by the beginning of her passion for art. She spent one year concentrating on fine arts prior to enrolling in a social work degree program. Her art enables her to communicate her joy and enthusiasm for life. She believes herself to be an artistic "child" since she likes experimenting and discovering new materials and techniques and because of this, she considers herself to be an artist.

Elizabeth Labarda-Kronquist

is a painter, professional makeup artist, fashion illustrator, graphic artist & web designer. She has a great eye for detail. Using mixed media or digital art, she puts together creations with whimsical color scheme. Her watercolor, acrylic, gouache paintings and illustrations are known for their dreamy colors. She looks at everyday life and paints them in a nostalgic world, from small canvases to murals.

Isabella 'Bella' Smolarski

The name "Lilla Labbet" pays homage to what founder Bella Smolarski believes to be a designer's best friend - all the little experiments we do before we get to the coveted final product. She believes slowing down to think carefully about where our products come from and how they will eventually end their lifecycles is an important part of the design process. Bella likes to mix Asian and Scandinavian design traditions in her work with wood and brass objects.

Irene Chua

Irene's inspiration for her body of work comes from a complex process of experiencing the world, processing her observations through daily quiet meditation and yoga, and applying her vision on canvas one brush stroke at a time. It’s a process requiring a deep love for the act of painting, quietness, endurance and skill.  Her work pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the art world. Irene happily resides and paints in Stockholm, Sweden.

Marjorie M. Assow

is an architect who used to live and work in Hong Kong before moving to Sweden in 2016 with her Swedish husband & son. She loves design and
anything related to art. She likes to showcase society through colourful paintings. Family, friends, and pets are common features in her art. She likes to paint landscapes and portraits - often with a twist. Aside from painting, Marj is also
an amateur song composer.

Rovermalyn "Yeye" De Vera

 is an artist whose talents were inherited from and also nurtured by her late father. After finishing a design course, she pursued arts by working as a graphic artist in the Philippines from which she acquired her skills in digital arts. Today in Sweden, she does both digital and traditional arts as a hobby and a sideline.


is a self-taught digitalartistand animator who was born with a burningpassion for illustration. Her works predominantly belong to the surrealism and character design categories. She freely explores a variety of subjects and themes, and her artworks range from charmingly delightful to eerie upon closer observation.