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Photograpby by Joel Bagon


Taking the Lead in the Infinite Field of Arts

The FAAS Story

The Greek philosopher Aristophanes in the 4th century B.C. once said “[l]et each man exercise the art he knows.” Arts mean different things to different people. Some say it is not a thing, it is a way, while others say it is not an end but a process, or that art is a way to find oneself and lose oneself at the same time. Whatever you think art means, what is clear is that the field of arts is boundless, immense, individual, and confusing. For some Filipino artists residing in Sweden...

FEATURED ARTIST: Ophelia Casel Persson

Ophelia Casel Persson is a graduate of medicine in the Philippines. She had been practicing as a medical internist for more than a decade before moving to Sweden. She is currently working in a vardcentral in Gothenburg. She has explored different mediums over the course of 15 years but is more inclined to use acrylic and oil paint. She has a fascination with nature, human figures and culture, which is reflected in her body of work.

After being part of a research study of the different groups of people in the Philippines she now uses her art to promote awareness of the different indigenous groups of the Philippines. Some of her works are permanently exhibited in Mindanao Doctors Hospital-Philippines. You can catch some of her works, which are currently displayed at Kanto Bistro Stockholm until December

Art by Ophela Casel Persson

Ode to Sea

by Aya Sunga Askert

All I seek is the sea

to hurl its lucent hue

all over me

My body bemoans

in mourning,

my pallid days piercing with

the thorns of the nights.

Oh how I yearn for the tints of your swell

Oh how my shore longs

for the depth of your blue

and the lacquer of your shells’s ivory

Let the wind nudge the urchins to roar

the starry lullaby you hum.

Let the melody whirl towards my ears

to vivify me to write these verses.

All I seek is the sea 

to waltz the ship 

perched on its waves 

into the isle of my eyes.

It’s the sky I always want to see.

In its foamy clouds my cradle will curl eternally.

Oh, all I seek is the sea, 

the universe where I want to be.

Acrylic Pour Art by Ophelia Casel